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Poonam Pandey's Leaked Scene From Nasha - Video Dailymotion

Seems like the sultry queen Poonam Pandey has mastered the art of controlling the social media! The leggy lass, who has tried every trick to create wild imagination among her fans by exposing her body, has once again added some fuel into it. Recently, a nude picture of Poonam Pandey from her debut upcoming film Nasha was being leaked, and created a storm everywhere. Now an alleged leaked shower scene of the actress from the movie has been caught on and gone viral all over. While an almost nude photograph showed Poonam Pandey in backless and topless pose, with her standing bare feet wearing only a pair of skin-coloured thongs, the recent bathing video shows various parts of her body. Although nothing is offensive here in the video, but is having quite sufficient masala for her male followers to get enticed. Well, the nude picture of Poonam Pandey was enough to get hooked in theatres, seems like the shower video from the movie may possibly jam-packed the cinema halls. 'Nasha' i

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